Pilates & Personal Training

Pilates Matwork

  Pilates Matwork  is a non impact, controlled form of exercise that is well suited to most individuals, men and women, wanting to both stretch and strengthen the body in a quiet relaxed atmosphere. During a Matwork Pilates Class you will learn the basis of the Pilates method. There are a total of 34 traditional exercises done on the mat; many preparations for the more advanced exercises will be included in this workout as well as a number of stretches for the limbs and back to help increase agility and spinal mobility for more advanced moves  

Reformer Pilates

  The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine used to incorporate the Pilates exercise technique for a challenging and intense workout. The resistance of the reformer means you'll get results from your workouts faster. The tension of the springs on the moving carriage adjust to different levels of difficulty. As you become stronger and more proficient with the reformer, you progress from reclined exercises to ones that put less of your body surface on the carriage, meaning you need to use more of your own strength and coordination to execute the moves. You may even notice greater definition in your arms, legs and abs after just a few months of consistent work on the reformer.  


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