About our studio, our specialities and our values

Specializing in Pilates and Yoga, injury prevention and rehabilitation; Movement Improvement studio also offers Spinning, TRX, Circuit training, Fatburn Extreme and personal training. Choose to pay as you go, save money with our bulk buy packages or opt in to our great value fitness membership.  Movement Improvement is your complete fitness solution on your doorstep.

Here at Movement Improvement, we believe that in our ever advancing world, the human body, although imperative to keep fit and healthy, is left behind at times. Be it a sedentary job behind a computer or a childs favorite game or movie. Even too much time spent studying can have adverse effects. Bad postural habits and mechanics, obesity, low energy levels and high blood pressure and so much more; all develop through inactivity.

We pride ourselves in keeping a fun, bright & safe environment where all exercises are effective and personalized. Our staff include accredited instructors from all over the world, bringing a unique and diverse set of talents and expertise to their classes and offering a wide range of physical fitness solutions designed to suit all ability levels.

We are passionate about fitness and believe that to achieve your goals you need to train smarter; not harder.

“Being active does not have to be hard work.

Find a class, studio, trainer or group that you like and enjoy then sticking with it will be that much easier.”

- Claire Dickson
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