Our Qualified and Experienced Trainers

Claire entered the fitness field through dance and has been a Personal Trainer and all round Fitness Instructor for 24 years. She is a qualified Instructor Trainer in the UK and Australia and holds 3 Specialty Awards from the American Council of Exercise (ACE).
Her career naturally progressed to Pilates, renewing an earlier interest in Classical Pilates from her dance college days. Having been in Kong Hong for nearly 10 years in 1999 Claire moved back to the UK and studied Pilates in London. She presented Reformer Fundamentals for The Pilates Institute at the Fitness Expo Brighton in 2002 before her return to Hong Kong where she opened Movement Improvement Studio. She is the Managing Director of Movement Improvement Ltd Hong Kong and UK.

Claire has specialized in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise since 1996 teaching in prestigious hospitals and physiotherapist clinics both in HK and UK. She now incorporates Pilates into these classes with great success.
Originally from the UK, Zoe started teaching Zumba dance fitness in March 2012; drawn to Zumba by her musical background and her experiences as a teenager working in a leisure facility in the UK.
Now, Zoe is a UK qualified Level 2 gym instructor, Level 3 personal trainer and RPM instructor.  She teaches Spinning, Circuit Training and Personal Training in the studio.
Zoe is passionate about helping people get fit and healthy in a smart and safe manner, ensuring that everyone reaches their own potential.
Having studied modules in sport nutrition, special populations, motivational techniques and long term planning (to name a few), Zoe intends to keep studying and expanding her knowledge and repertoire.


Heidi, originally from England, has been living in Hong Kong for 20 years with her two teenagers.
She has been teaching matwork and equipment Pilates classes since 2003 when she qualified with Polestar Pilates Asia, a world wide organisation supported by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) America.
In the studio, Heidi teaches one to one and group classes. Her aim is to help clients gain the basic principles very quickly, helping them improve muscle balance and tone, strength, flexibility and mobility and a achieve a whole body awareness.
Pilates is not only a great workout: Regardless of age or current activity level, Pilates will enhance your lifestyle giving you better posture, helping you become less prone to injury and will alleviate muscle pain. Pilates is truly an amazing exercise system for life.
Ash decided to become a fitness professional around 2012, after realizing that he had become overweight and needed to make drastic changes in his life to stay healthy.

Rather than just loose weight, Ash wanted to aim for a specific goal (a mantra we highly encourage at the studio). He decided he would train to run the London Marathon for charity.
Ash completed the marathon despite 2 knee injuries.

Now as a Personal Trainer, who has been through the full journey of change and has first hand experience of the challenges, he uses his experiences to help his clients embark on their own fitness journey; to achieve and maintain health, strength, confidence and happiness. 


Arlyn is a long time resident of Discovery Bay.  over the years she has developed a huge fan base for her high intensity exercise to music classes and her relaxing and calming Yoga.
She keeps very busy teaching Yoga, Piloxing, Zumba and Fatburn Extreme classes and hosts numberous charitable dance-fitness parties every year.
In the studio, Arlyn teaches Fatburn extreme.  She is also part of our team hosting classes at Discovery Bay Recreation Centre, where she teaches Yoga.
Her relaxed yet confident style of teaching keeps people coming back for more week after week.
Rachna’s teaching style  offers an effective, calming and meditative way to enjoy Yoga practices.
Her passion for her practice is palpable and clear to anyone who joins one of her classes.
She like to focus on good alignment throughout the body and puts emphasis on breathing as one flows through the movements.
Another long time resident of Discovery Bay, Rachna teaches a variety of Yoga styles as well as Zumba dance-fitness and Zumba for Kids.  
In the studio, Rachna teaches Hatha Vinyasa Flow.  She is also part of our team hosting classes at Discovery Bay Recreation Centre, where she teaches a Yoga & Pilates combo class.
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